Single Mother of Five Kids

I have five kids, yes five kids. I am 31 years old, my kids are 13, 11, 6, 4 and 3. There are two dads, neither of them do anything to help. Havent seen them for a very long time. Yeah i know what you are thinkin, she can really pick em....yeah....i

We really just take things day by day. I try to keep as much structure and routine as i can, but things come up and life happens. So we just role wit the punches and try to keep our eye on the prize....

I some times think that I completley messed up my life, bringing all these kids in to the world and sometimes not having the resources to make things happen for them.

But most of the time, I would not know what to do with out them. Even when I am standing in the middle of my living room, lookin around like "ok, now what!"

But I have been through hard times. Hell, we all have. I just am tryin to learn from it. I have finally taken a grown up pill, as my Grandmother tells me (bless her heart) and am learning that life is what it is, you gotta go out there and get body gonna hand it to you on a silver platter, as much as i would LOVE for them to.

SO if any one can relate, leave a comment, its always nice to know other peoples story.

I will elaborate later. I am new to this site, and am just gettin my feet wet tryin to figure out what is what......

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I'm scared I will only have my kids to love me never get married again

Mum of 5, with ex's help for 4 out of 5 kids. 31 years old, and fearing I will be alone when my kids are all grown. I got my tubes removed, so there isn't much a viable chance for more, as there isn't a good enough reason for me to bring more blessed children in this world. Though now my relationship is over, I am fearful that my infertility will be frowned upon making me less desirable as a woman, Even if it was the most logical thing to do.

I thought I was the only crazy one!! I am a single mother 35 years old of six girls, yes six girls!! 16,14,12,10,5,and 21months.... My ex was always controlling and very abusive so I thought it was best to move on and try this on my own.. I was practically living a single life already, I was always raising my girls on my own so what could be different!! Well it's not all roses, my ex didn't and still doesn't like my decision so he stays away and is waiting to see me fall on my face.. I refuse to let that happen, but it is just so very hard... Being a mother is hard enough, but doing it all on your own gives a whole new meaning to life. There is no "me" time, the kids always need or want something.. And that's fine because that's what children do... Anyhow, it's good to know that I have company out there in the single moms world of multiples!! Lol enjoy your kiddies!!

Hello ladies,

I thought I was alone in this situation, but now I truly know that I am not. I have learned to be at peace with my situation and I would love to someday be able to help someone through it as well. It is not easy being a single parent let alone of 4 soon to be 5. I know that I am blessed especially when I see other women out there struggling to have a child and can not....God will never put more on us than we can bare and to anyone that has a problem, to hell with them!!!

Hi My name is Michelle. I am a single mother of soon to be five kids. I relate to your story so much and glad you wrote it. I hope more people can read it. I am have been judged because of having so many kids and from two fathers also when these people have no idea what I am going through. One father helps but the other does not. I have made do without and usually always had a job. My kids have never been neglected in any way.

Hi Michelleyates29 : you wrote this 2 years ago, hopefully you get to read this. Thank you for your words..I am in a similar situation: soon to be mum of 5, two dads...too many comments from others..I try so hard, but sometimes it is hard to be strong...there are days where I just cry, other days are good where I am happy and I enjoy the simple moments of life with my children. I believe in unconditional love and wish I had met a man who could give this to me, but hey, I have my children and live day to day and try to strengthen them and teach them to choose a better path than I did. Kia Kaha.

I am a single mother of four an just found out im expecting a fifth they all have diff dads im so deep in thought as to how will i make it alone with 5 im 27 only one job and the guy isnt ready for the baby so im wondering if i should terminate i really want the baby but i just dont want to do it alone:(...

im also a single mum of nearly five am 24 and had a marriage breakdown and in the last week of pregnancy with my fifth being induced early due to iugr am 32 weeks pregnant x

Single mother of five to be i would love to get advice from anyone in this situation mmy heart is broken and am depressed how did you gys get through it>?

Single mother of five to be i would love to get advice from anyone in this situation mmy heart is broken and am depressed how did you gys get through it>?

Hi there are more of us out here than you thought. I have 5 wonderful boys 12, 9,7,6,6 all with the same dad but thank god we got rid of him. I love my boys and have great friends some with large families (2 parents) and some with slightly smaller families doing it alone so always someone to share my feelings with and stress with

Hello! Im so happy to see that Im not alone! Im also a single mother of five. Im 36yrs old. I have 2 teenage daughters ages 15 and 16, and I have 3 young boys ages 10, 11, and 4. I do have help though from both dads. Im very grateful for that, but raising them alone is very hard and frustrating at times. Im starting to go back to school and its getting harder and harder to juggle work, school, kids, and house duties all at once. Im not looking to find anyone at this time. I wouldnt even have time to add something else to my list. Let alone a man! Im just so in love with my kids and If it werent for them, I wouldnt have a purpose In life! I guess I can say... "Im content".

Wow on a wim I googled single mother of 5 and this came up. I too have 5 children. I am 34. I am good at "pickin em" too. It is a strange place to be with 5 kids and no husband most of the people with that many children are married. It is diffucult to not have any real peers. I hope I don't come across as a wacko but I jsut have faith in god and his plan for me to get me through all the times when I start to look at my past and the bad decisions I have made. And trust that I will make better ones keeping his plan always in mind. I have spent too much time worrying and feeling guilty. That doesn't help a thing. You definately didn't mess up-I can relate to that thought. They are a gift! Let them inspire you! Good to know I am not the only one out there!