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hello single 41 year old mom with four kids now three girls ages 4,6, and 12 and a son age 7 I am looking to make friends and chatting with other like minded people like me. I am a very strict mom so I will chat about that anyone having any issues please lets chat thanks hollyann
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My mom and dad were both very strict with my sister and me, and after our dad passed our step dad was strict also.. my mom and him had a thing call CDD.. I think it means Christian Domestic Discipline... she was also disciplined by my Dad and after my step dad... I give so much credit for raising 4 children on your own.

Not sure if I could be much help to you...I have 16 yr old daughter with no spanking back ground . I recently got remarried a few years ago but she is no help with her either...more like her best friend.
I could tell you though what can happe if you don't spank.

Hey Holly, how are you doing. I congradulate you on the job of raising four kids alone. You are my hero.

I was brought up in family where I had four siblings, two sisters and two brothers. Our parents vere very loving ones, they cared about us but they were very strict.<br />
My father worked long hours so my mom kept eye on us and when we did something wrong her punishment was very severe.<br />
To punish us she used her leather belts of different width. For punishment we had to lay down face on the bed and there were belt smacks on the bottom so we had to be very careful, listen to our parents and behave.<br />
You Hollymom123 you are single mom of four children and I am just curious how can you manage with them without a partner?