Autism Is For Real

The day my son was diagnosed with Autism over 5 years ago at the age of 5. He was non-verbal and extremely hyper. Anyone in my circle from family, friends to even church members could not recognise that his behaviour was to the extreme, but still fingers were pointing at me.

The school he attended blamed my parenting skills and the break down of my marriage, I still think that my ex-husband to this day is on the spectrum. He did not like change, liked his own company, obsessed with anything I did, but in front of others he had a different character. He had low self-esteem and seem to hate anyone being near to me. Thank God I got out of this relationship.

The sad thing about this all, my family really believe he is the victim and that I am a controlling freak.

It has got to the point, that my family with the help of my ex-husband tried all ways of sabotaging my son get any additional support to help his condition.

They think he is not autistic as he is verbal now and extremely bright, his social interaction and communication and social skills has been blamed by my how I care for him. They have ignored the fact that he has been diagnosed by a specialist in the field and after numerous tribunal appeals to seek for specialist educational needs. They still don't believe he is. So my advice to any other parent going through an early diagnosis or on a journey through the tribunal appeal process.

Make sure you have trustworthy witnesses, family that are on your side and specialist that know their field. What makes it easier, joining a support group in your area to meet with other parents/carers who are able to assist and guide you in the direction, otherwise you will find yourself isolated, pleasing family and wanting to fit in. When in fact.. You are doing more damage to yourself and your child.

Fight the good fight and don't give up. You will be doing the best for your child in the long run. I have seen how much my son has changed being in a specialist autistic school that cater for his needs. No he does not mirror other children's behaviour as he is with other high functioning autistic children and he is much happier.

I will share more of my experience in due course. The main thing, my son has a better social life than he did when he was in mainstream school.
DelVene DelVene
Sep 18, 2012