Emma passes her hearing test at birth but when she was about 15mos old , she was not saying many words so the Dr sent her for an ABR hearing test. It came back that she was totally deaf in her left ear and "almost" totally deaf in her right ear. She was fitted for a hearing aid for her Rt ear. It's a long story but the short form is, Emma had "2" different implant surgeries on her Left one, well those things are"NOT" for everyone, while they maybe great for some but it wasn't ment for Emma. We just had it "removed" on Oct 8th 2012! It was the BEST thing that we ever done. When ever Emma would turn it on she would just"SCREAM" and said"it felt like it was being pulled out of her head"! Long story short Emma said "mama I will be fine, I have got my hearing aid"! She is my HERO!!!! (-: Emma has Warrdenberg Syndrome type 2. She is deaf/hard of hearing and has two different color eyes!
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What a unique and special little girl. :). Have her continue to learn ASL as her 1st language.