I Know My Story Is Not The Worst

I have been a single mother for 2 years now. Me and my son's father were never married. Sometimes I feel like he only wants to help me out if it is going to lead to us getting back together!! I just wish he could concentrate on being a father without worrying about me and him! I mean he does pay me money every week but being a father is more than that! We made the decision to put our son in Tae Kwon-do and at the time he had promised to pay for half of it and now he tells me it's too much and if I can't afford it than I should just take him out of it!
Some days I just feel like I am at my breaking point and idk how anyone can do this if they have 2 or more kids. Or how they work more than one job or anything. I love my son he is my world and no matter how stressed out I get there is always that one moment that he just will do something or say something that makes it all worth it but right about now I just feel like I'm stuck at a dead end road and my life will never be any better and I fear I will never be able to give him a better life either. I could go on and on ... stupid I know :(
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All I can say is that I've been there. Most of all he needs to know you love him.