So Alone...

hello this is really hard to do! i have a beautiful 4 month old boy with a man i ahve only known about a year and have just found out he speaks to prostitutes and texts escorts on a regular basis behind my back...............................................  iam a strong independent lady of 38 years old but so scared of bringing my little man up alone HELP!!! x
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End the relationship, he has no respect for women and you don't want your son learning those kind of values. ob<x>jectifying women is disgusting and wrong and it is sad that women allow themselves to be ob<x>jectified as a means of supporting themselves. If you have been intimate with him get tested, don't bother asking him about it, he'll just lie. I've been there done that, they don't send random **** to every man in America either, right. I know a man who thinks it is a conspiracy against him. Yeah right, blame the conspiracy.

Good Luck. I Know how u feel tho. I have a yr old. I left his father about 4 yrs ago (very scary), but I did it. I found a nother man that treated my son great and his daugher quickly became like mine. Found out that he was talking to other woman and was spening all our money on things that was not approved of. I just left him, feel bad about that, miss him very much and lost all my friends when i was with him. But I feel in my heart that it was the best move. Did not want my son to grow up around lies. It is very hard cuz i am on my own, but if i can do it u can do it. Hope the very best for u. Get away from the lies u deserve better noone deserves to be lied to or cheated on.

I am also a single mom.There are a lot of advantages of being single.There are a lot of married people who dreams of being single again...Dont be scared,you can do that.You are not alone .....The population of single mothers in this world is dont be scared.<br />
Leave that man and start a good life with your son...................Goodluck

In our society today, sex addiction is not uncommon. As short a time as you have known each other it is also not too surprising that you might find things out that about each other that you did not know. Do you want to keep this relationship? I would seek counseling with a qualified therapist and let him or her help you deal with a possible sex addiction and see if change is possible for him.

Get out of that relationship. When a person has secrets like that you really don't know this man.. Fear stops us from success. You will be okay, you are not the first one that has raised your chid alone and you will not be the last. If you stay and you can't deal with this man, just think of the damage that you will do to your child if you stay in an unhappy situation.. I know you are not planning to marry this guy, so why stick around.. If he loves his child he will help you support him, if not the state will(child support)..

You need to thak God for opening your eyes as you know about your man you need to protect your son and yourself .Do not leave your son alone with him try to keep distance as much u can whatever he wanna c his son be there with him