I Am Strong

Being a single mom has brought me in touch with my inner strenth and made me see how strong my son is. I do get lonley, and I do wish to find a man ideal for myself and my son but at the same time I relish our bonding time. There was an amazing man in our lives at one time but he chose to leave both me and my son which wounded us both deeply. Im scared to ever introduce anyone to him again
ShianneDawn ShianneDawn
31-35, F
1 Response Aug 3, 2010

i have been where you are. i know that feeling of abandoning and betrayal and i love my children very much . i have issues with dating because it affects my children. and i love them very much i am lonely and i would like to have that someone in my life but my children come first... i dont want anyone trying to change them or changing their lives. i have rasied my children alone for the past 13 years. my worst fear was being a single mom and rasing my children right and happy. i look back now and i look at my children today and I AM STRONG and they are beautiful people.