Single Mom=hard Work!

I am a single mom to two kids, 16 and 10.  I have been divorced for 9 years and the ex is less then helpful.  He takes them for 24 hours about 4 times a year.  (he lives only 20 minutes away)  The child support doesn't show up on a regular basis so I have to work 2 jobs to make ends meet.  I feel bad for my kids.  They don't see much of me and have been forced to grow up way before they should have.  It's hard work! 
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2 Responses Feb 4, 2008

dont worry ur kids understand it..<br />
ur a good mom..<br />

omg.... this is my story exactly!!!!! same exact thing--- down to the two kids! as much as i wouldnt wish this on anyone, its very nice to that i am not the only one.