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I'm A Single Mom

Our daughter was nine years old when I decided I'd best get away from her father.
Not that he's out of her life, I wouldn't want him to, because he's her dad and will always be. Just because I hate his guts doesn't mean she can't see him.
After I broke up, we crashed into my parents' place (see also my other story on this subject) because we had nowhere else to go, and since mid september, we got our own place and are now, physically, a single-parent family.
Well, at least I only have one child, so I'm never outnumbered...
I am very fond of my freedom and for the moment very unwilling to part with it. Her father was always undermining me, going behind my back and so forth... Resulting in a rather disrespecting daughter... I hope, and will work on, she'll improve.
I am convinced of the fact that a single-parent family which is stable is far better than a family life that is unstable, with parents fighting and arguing all the time. What kind of an example does that make? I'd rather be free, independent and on my own than talked down, suppressed and together. I'll take the cut in income gladly in exchange.
I don't know if I'll ever be in a relationship. I suppose so, I'm only mid thirties. (and feeling younger than that, frankly!) And when I do, it'll be with someone that respects me and can give me the love that I need, and who will be able to appreciate the love and trust I have to give. Someone my daughter can get along with, who will respect my way of upbringing.
And I'll take it slowly. I went in head over heels last time, and that got me nowhere.
Easy does it.
But for now, I'm happier than I have been in a long time.
ArrrrchEnemy ArrrrchEnemy 31-35, F 31 Responses Mar 15, 2011

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I see a beautiful new Relationship around the age of 37, you've never given your age, but something happens around that time and give you plenty of time to Cope, Reestablish your relationship as a parent to be respected by your daughter as she matures, and I also see you getting help from spiritual counseling, This is where the biggest change will emerge. I totally agree of which you speak, Your experiences are just that, Experiences, without it, You've couldn't have blossom into the Lotus of wisdom you are today. You always been on the right track, It has gotten you much more then a page worth can explain, I respect your honesty. Now keep on the path no matter what, it will lead you where you need to be. Thank You for sharing! brightest blessings~