Single By Choice

I know to alot of people that sounds crazy as hell to be single by choice. After my second son was born my boyfriend and ther father at the time couldn't get along, he still wanted to be the single man and just party and hang out but I needed a partner someone to help me at home with the kids and keep a job and just share the experience of raising our boys together. So that didn't happen and after about one year of meeting the wrong guys and when I met one it did't last long so I put my grown women panties on and said that I would rather be single and raise my boys in a drama free house and make it all about them, to have men in and out of there lives or have me settle for someone who isn't right for me at all...It was hard as hell for about 2yrs there was no sex or kisses , no cuddling no nothing but me and the boys and then I went out one night and got all the phone numbers I could and just put it all on the table with the guys. I told them I am not looking for anything but sex, no strings at all...I did find some takers and about two are still my friends to this day and there is no sex for them due to now I am in a relasionship. But it was fun while it lasted.. I did have some guys going all girl on me after about a month or two of sex they wanted more and that was something that I couldln't do and when they tried to buy me and things stayed the same they just told me that it was over. Over time feeling did start to delvope but I knew  why I was doing what I was doing...My boys are now 17 and 19 and we have the best relasionship with them, I don't know if it was the right thing but it would for me..Thanks to the strong men I had in my life like my brother and uncles my boys are growing up to be strong men and the fact that they had a hardworking, loving, caring women in the life they know what to look for in a wife...
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wow i feel like you are writeing my life. I am at the stage of realising that i need to stay single for all our sakes! Well done on raising your boys and giving them a good example of women and relationships