For About a Year Now...

I've been a single mom.  Longer really because although we did live with her dad for 4 months while trying to work on the marriage after the first separation.

I just have one daughter and find it incredibly hard at times.  I'm doing alright financially even with no "real" income right now and absolutely zero support in any way from her dad.  He lives many states away and the worst part is he is not there for his daughter who adores him. :(  I feel so bad for her, every time she mentions him in anyway.

I can't imagine having more than one kid in this situation but I know from growing up with a single mom that it must be harder yet.  My mom reminds me of that all the time. lol  On my myspace in heros I have Jesus and any single parent and definitely any single parent is my hero.  Including my own mother, who did the best she could, I truly believe it.

shuttermagic shuttermagic
36-40, F
Mar 18, 2008