HI Im 24 im a single mother technically i have a 1yr old little girl. Im entering my senior year in college finally. I currently live with my daughters father and his mother. Me and my daughters father are not together but we live in the same house. I want to move out but i cant really afford it right now. There is a program in my state that would pay for housing for a year but after that i would have to pay rent on my own from there. I want to do it because im really stressed out living with my baby father. He's rude he dont want to communicate with me. I have been trying to be civil with him but it just urks me bc any little thing happen and he wont say nothing to me even if it about our child and im really feed up with it. He a good father to the baby dont get me wrong but i buy most of the things she needs and do everything else far as daycare and doc visits. But anyway i have one more year of college i was going to try to stick it out for 2012 until i finish in dec and save my money for that whole year and once im done i was going to apply for the program and continue saving money to be able to pay the rent. Im to the point where i dont know if i should make this move now or wait any suggestions. I know the smart thing would be to stay and save but its killing me in the inside to deal with his immature ***
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1 Response Dec 15, 2011

When you have a kid, the thing is, you need to put her first. Do you think moving right now while you're still studying will be good for her?? I think it's a good thing that the father is good to her. He may not be much help with the finances but atleast you got extra pair of hands when it comes to looking after your daughter. It might be better to study and save for now. Think it through and you NEED to talk to him. But if your relationship does not improve it will only be a matter of time, since you cannot stand the situation. I know that you will have to move out soon. All I'm saying is be prepared first before you make a move.