my ex was doing really well about taking his time with the kids... he had me drop them off on time at his house... but i feel he has fallen off the i want to be a good dad wagon. i hate this... he really hurts the kids when he does this...

You know i am stuck out here with no family to ask for help, i am calling friends to help me with my kids when they are sick because he can't watch his own kids... i am really starting to feel like i am on my own.

Well i knew i was on my own i just feels a little silly that i am still here. I know the reasons why stability for the kids, school for me. I would not be living in a nice area if i were to go back to Ca.

And to think i have a friend that has to fight his ex to see his kid....
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I know how you feel. My kids mom doesnt see him often and I think his little heart is breaking but he wont talk to me about it.<br />
I do encourage them seeing each other more but she is pretty busy with her work etc.

I can understand where you are coming from. My ex moved out of state and doesn't see his son.