I Love My Children!

I became a single mother when I was 23 years old and 7 months pregnant with my first child. He left, and he never looked back, but I love my, now 5 year old, with all my heart. When my daughter, K, was 18 months old I was raped and became pregnant. 9 months later I had my perfect baby boy. He was born with a cleft lip and palate, and was immediately rushed to surgery to repair a hernia. My son, P, is about to turn 3, they grow up so fast!

No matter what their fathers did, or who they were, it can/will never change the love I have for my children. They are my world, but sometimes I wish there was some one here to watch and experience their lives with me. I have cried many times over the years out of loneliness, but this year has been the hardest on me. I lost my mother 6 months ago, she was my last parent. My father died when I was 15 and my step father died 2 years ago. I became an orphan at 27!

I don't know what else to say, I love my kids, they are my world. I just wish and pray for some one to share it all with!
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First of all, I'd like to really say this .. you are simply leaving me speechless .. how a person can rise above all the problems that can sprout hate and fill the world with happiness is simply amazing .. I won't discuss stuff that happened in the past and sympathize with you because that's a cheap thing to say, even if it's true and sincere, when talking to someone like you .. and believe me, I am searching my dictionary for the right word instead of "like" and failing pretty badly .. I just want to ask about how is your son doing? I wish he is perfectly fine now and to say I am sad to hear about your mom .. for being lonely , I am pretty sure you will be able to meet that one that will know that he's a winner being that guy beside you .. it may take long time, but good things are gained after patience, lots of it ,, so keep believing .. if you need a friend, like a pen friend but in a modern way, to share your joys and worries with, to have him push you gently towards being better and in return you'd do the same for him, feel free to accept my offer on being that friend .. and yet, if you are not interested in it, know that I am fully cheering you up and wishing you the best, coz simply you deserve it.

I would have to say that the power of god has been with you. The strength you have and the love you have for your children as a mother is a gift. When the lord thinks you are ready for someone special he will send him to you and your children. Huggs to you and your babies!

i too am a single mother ....it's been six long hard years since i lost him ..but i have learned how to live on my own ..how to care for and raise our daughter ...it's true it is hard to raise children on your own be strong and enjoy the time you have with them because too soon they will be grown and gone

Good that u are stonge enought to keep your home running. I have one son and his dad was i his live 3 years old we went to court and he got my son to live with him qt 12 then last summer my son called me and said mom can u come get me my dad just kick me out and told me that I had to get out and never come back how could he do this to his son I hat it for him to have to go though this why do men do this to there kids thay did noy ask for it

Good that you are strong enough to keep your home running well especially after losing both parents, thanx for sharing your story.lol