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Well to start off i have a very special child. he has a form of autism called pddnos.. which makes being mom a little different from the ordinary being mom.. but i wouldn't trade him for a "normal" child no matter what.. he is very fun and is the smartest little boy i have ever met.. his dad and i split up and we don't  see his dad very often which is for the best.. i just don't know how anyone would not want to be around such a wonderful child.. he is the type of kid that when someone see him out somewhere and they have only met him a few time remember who he is and are very pleased to speak to him.. i am very blessed to have such a special child
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Hey I just want you to know that you are one Heck of a woman!!! That must take so much love and patience, your a wonderful person!!! My heart is there for you, ya are so awesome! God Bless!!!

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It does sound like it's a good thing that your ex isn't around too much. I obviously dont know the reason why he left, but if he left because your son has a form of autism then fare the well to him and it is CERTAINLY his loss. It sounds like you have a very loving relationship with your son, which is so refreshing to hear because i've read so many stories where parents state that they wish they didn't have kids. Children are not only miracles but the add to our lives in so many ways that they will never understand. I don't have an austic child but i did have a severly autistic uncle and spending time with him was a GIFT, he was loving and caring and had such an appreciation for life that i think many of us can take for granted. He lived way beyond his life expectancy but still died way too early. He passed away at my age, 45, and i was so sad that my kids didn't get the chance to get to know him as well as i did. My youngest son has a severe learning disability, he is in grade 5 and can only read at about a grade 1 level. But like your son, to meet him even once is to fall in love with him. As a mother, and i'm a single mom too, i do find it hard to watch him struggle with his reading difficulties and its hard for him to speak his mind when he is upset because he can't find the write words to explain his feelings and i can see how much he struggles with it. BUT i wouldn't change him in anyway even if i could, he is perfect as he is, in my mind. So congrats on being a mom and enjoying the specialness of your son instead of seeing it as an extra burden!!