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I must admit that being a single mother did not prove to be as difficult as I anticipated. I became a single parent when the father of my children and I decided to call it a day after nine years together. Irreconcilable differences you see but the one thing we did and always have agreed on was how to bring up our boys. So we formed a solid friendship and even though he moved a few hundred miles away and at times found it difficult to see the boys we always got on and worked together as a team where child rearing was concerned. It can be done and the damage of a break up can be limited if you can put personal feelings aside and put the kids first as much as possible. I find motherhood so rewarding, the best thing I have have ever had the good fortune to experience. It's not all bad, not by a long stretch. Good luck all you mothers and fathers out there whatever your circumstances.
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Excellent . I have read and been told first hand of the breakup s and using the children as barriers .well done to you both.

Thanks weewass :)

How old were your boys? I am considering divorce for years. With two boys and being Asian has created so much guilt. My kids are 9 and 11. I am scared.

Hi Evepearl thanks for your comment. My boys were 3 and 6, pretty young so I have my share of guilt too. Guilt is a universal thing it happens to all mothers I think. We are too hard on ourselves sometimes. Sorry to hear you are scared is there anyone you can turn to for support? I hope so. I'm on here most evenings if you need someone to talk to. Hope you work it out.

Am Asian too but am a single mum to a 7 yr old boy. I think being an Asian shouldn't be where the guilt stem from. The reason(s) why you are considering a divorce is the one that makes the diff.