Having Some Doubts

There's something I wanted to know. I'm not sure if it's relevant here. If it's not then I apologize. Anyways, what I want to know is that is it normal for me to wear a bikini in front of my kids while at the beach? I'm 44 years old. Single mom with two sons, ages 15 and 12. I've never had doubts about these things until my elder son created one for me.

It all started when I bought a two piece bikini that I was planning to wear when my two kids and I visit Hawaii in the coming weeks. My elder son told me that he would be embarrassed if I wear it. He was already embarrassed when I got breast implants and now he says that it would make it worse If I wear a bikini. He wants me to wear a tankini instead. Or some normal clothes

As I'm single, I don't have a spouse to discuss this issue with. So, I'm sharing it here. Am I upsetting him or something? What do I need to do?
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6 Responses May 9, 2012

You should be able to wear it if you want. Its your money and your body. If he is listning to music that you do not like will he stop no, will he stop doing something that he likes to appease you probably not. He is a child and you are doing it on your own. Do not take advice from teenagers or moms who let their children run their lives. I am a cna and you would not believe how many parents are sitting in nursing homes with no child in sight, only a few of the children are involved. Trust me you will regret listning to him when he leaves the house and you are all alone. I am 29 and I do not like my mom dating, but I leave it alone. Live your life. You are not hurting anyone, you can not control people's opinions about you. If he feels embarrassed then tell him that you feel good in a bikin and he should want you to be happy, besides why get the boob job if you can't show it off. I dont know bout having him rub oil on you thats a bit weird.

It is a family vaca why make the trip a difficult experience. If she wasn't around teens its fine but they clearly dislike how she dresses and are upset with her behaviour. Btw every elderly person in my family is cared for by family and my son already trys to help his parents.

I didnt mean everybody but its is her vacation too. She may feel insecure and him bringing it up to her made her feel worse. I had a little girl say something to me that hurt but I was not going to change because of it. He was upset when she got the boob job. He has an idea of what a mom should look like. She didnt go and give back the boobs to make him feel better why the bikini. My mom got plastic surgery after her weight loss from LA weight loss. She looks great and I am happy for her. But we have diff views. I'm just very liberal. I grew up with my mom walking around nude. I hardly wear clothes when I'm at home its a carribean thing. I still say show of that boob job before it sags. Mine are down to my belly button I wish I could get a reduction and lift. I'd be flaunting and loving it.

Hi hun,<br />
Baby, it's YOUR life and you're the BOSS! Wear and FLAUNT your bikini all you want!! Your son will just hafta deal with it, lol. As a matter of fact, make him rub in your sun screen on your back and thighs...that'll give him something to think about. WOO-HOO!

Says the woman that so badly needs to be placed in the nut house. Lady really you have more issues then most people in the ward.

And YOU don't????

Really you're crazy and sick. I am glad I am nothing like your sick a ss.

If my son made that comment, I'll reserve my bikinis when am out with the girls :)

Easy answer: if it makes your son uncomfortable then dont. You are going as a family and if he is unhappy and uncomfortable it will affect you and your other son. Age has nothing to do with it. Good Luck and have an awesome time in Hawaii, Did I mention Im single...

Yea I agree, maybe in other occasion you can wear it like going out with your female friends. Got 2 daughters too, 17 and 18 who is over acting if i wear sexy dress LOL!, so I know they just feel embarrassed if other person will ask them "is that your mom"? thats how exactly how my daughters said it. So I am wearing what I want when I am not with them.

Okay a 44 year old mom is to old for a 2 piece suit. In fact i as a girl would feel gross if my mother had on a 2 piece because no child wants to see their mother so uncovered. Are you looking for a date?

Ok! Just trying to put myself in your sons shoes...<br />
he is 15 and I have no doubt he has raging hormones...to add to that, you are such a beautiful milf and want to be on a beach in a bikini...<br />
he is confused as you are his mother and he cant see you as a sex ob<x>ject...especially at a public place where there will be men watching you in the bikini...maybe he is embarrassed a bit about having a mom who dresses like that...<br />
try thinking about the kind of exposure he has had with women dressing like that...maybe thats making him upset...<br />
the best thing would be to try to talk to him...understand whats the reason behind all of this...<br />
hope this helps...