So Lucky To Be A Mom

I was still cleaning up lunch when my son walked over to me and said "you are my best friend and make my heart feel happy " . He is such a kind child and I sometimes wonder how I got so lucky. I feel like everything in my life right now is perfect. I am so glad I can stay home with my son and watch him grow and experience life. I can't believe he will be in pre-school this year and am worried I will not be ready to let him go. I will miss him but I will get over it. He will be going to a great private school that he got in for free. He is reading on a 1st grade level. I want to say its because I pushed him to try his best, but I think its because he has his dads mind. I am always going to be proud of him and love being his mom. He is the most important part of my life and will always be. He is so much more then i am. He is strong, brave, sweet, generally good and most of all loved.
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2 Responses May 23, 2012

I’m glad you have such a great son. Sounds like “my” youngest. Even thought she barely knew me before they moved back in, she’s a great kid now… a hand full yes but great. And most girls/women in our family are really active and turn out to be quite a tomboy at least until puberty.<br />
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I'm sorry to warn you, but most hyper intelligent kids turn out to be a hand full as soon as they start to know more than many adults. Mostly they begin to think they know more, so they should be the one in charge.

He may want to think he knows more but I will always be his mom

sounds like he is off to a great start