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Single Mom Question

Should a mother encourage/teach her son in self pleasure when the time is right?
melissa206 melissa206 26-30, F 103 Responses Jun 5, 2012

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My response will apply regardless of the gender of the parent as well as the child. If the two are of opposite gender or same gender really does not matter at all.

Should you encourage or teach? Well that really depends upon the mentality and how puritanical the person you are asking.

I personally do not think that there is any harm with this, psychologically, emotionally, physically, morally or legally as long as it is that there are some boundaries that are respected.

I do not think that you should demonstrate how you do it, how men do it with a male or with a prop of some kind. I do not think that there should be any touching of another person at all sexually when there is a child involved.

I do however think that you should talk with him about this and explain to him that it is perfectly normal to do this and that this is something that is private. That he should do so only while in his bedroom with the door closed or in the bathroom. Not at all out in the open. For if he were to do this outside of the house and get caught, he could get into serious trouble.

yes, best if taught by parent as opposed to friends at school.

I feel, he'll learn it himself. just when you figure out he is having those kinds of troubles help him out. it'll be very useful!

No. He will figure it out when he needs too.
It is great to have an open and unashamed relationship with your child but you can't expect to do everything together !

How will you know when the time is right? Probably when he gets a hard on seeing you naked ;)

I had parents that found behavior like that to be extremely wrong. My younger sister was caught once and my mother beat her and then humiliated her in front of the family for it. While my older sister and I felt bad because we saw nothing wrong with it only to also get in trouble because we didn't agree with my mother. If we had been given the freedom to enjoy ourselves freely, I honestly think that would have prevented us from being so sneaky and resenting our parents as much as we did. We were made to feel like anything that had to do with our bodies and sex was a sin.

I'm sorry to hear that, Keribaby. I think your Mom was way off

Wow... no offense. But your mom needs some serious counseling!!! Beating your kids for doing something that comes naturally to everyone???? How twisted is that?

Yeah, she didn't feel that way.

Yes indeed

Encourage? No. But do not discourage...ever.

He should be able to figure it out. Are you thinking about helping him?

He should be able to figure it out. Are you thinking about helping him?

He should be able to figure it out for himself really.

If he can't figure it out for himself take him to someone that specializes in severe learning disabilities.

Hi Mellisa I am Joe 50 please add me..

As to your question I say yes you should be able to help your child with self pleasuring showing him that doing it is normal and he should not feel ashamed when he does. I can explain more when we chat

I think that a parent should teach their children about all aspects of sex just as one would teach them to ride a bicycle. If you can it might be good to teach by example. The kids are going to learn from some one but you have the option to give a quality education. Compare that to the back seat of some car!

have you taught him anything yet or spoken to him about it

Ew! I don't even want to think about it.

I would say yes. Who could be a better teacher than you, his mother? You would have no ulterior motive. That can not be said about the majority of his peers.

me thinks that this is a fake profile. No mother would ask such a ****** up question. Melissa206 is some creepy dude posing as a woman.

I think the question should be do you want to teach him

I wouldn't say teach is the right word. I would tell him that it's a normal thing done in the privacy of his bedroom. And give him a box of tissues and some mild lotion or lube.

No - he'll figure it out on his own.
You can help him by guiding him on how young women think, how to socialize with them, etc.

It is perfectly acceptable to TEACH. It is not acceptable to demonstrate or participate. Such an event can all too easily become an imprinting event in your son's life and could interfere with his adult sexual health and his ability to form relationships with other women when he reaches adulthood.

I talked to my sons about ************, sex relationships, sexual and relationship responsibility, alternative sexual practices, etc.

Do NOT act selfishly by involving yourself sexually with your son.

He will find out about self pleasure on his own, trust me.. Just don't discourage it, unless he is doing it in inappropriate scenarios

absolutely - it is a natural thing..

<p>NO! please PLEASE do not engage in such folly. You seem like a wonderful mom. If you see spotted sheets or soiled sleepwear do not draw attention to it. Even if you come across him giving pleasure to himself. Don't cause added embarrassment to him. If he asks questions let him know that its a natural feeling. To be exercised in privacy. After all I am sure you do not want him around if your are giving yourself pleasure. As a mother myself I find it hard to imagine a mother even asking a question like this. </p>

He will probbably figure it out for himself.

I would encourage you to teach your son about sex at an early age. This can start by having him understand his own body and how to please himself. I grew up in a religious house and could not talk to my parents about sex. I met my wife in college and she taught me everything....although in her perspective (this is another story). I was 18 when I first pleased myself...and no, the devil did not come a take me away. Today, with the proliferation of the internet and free ****, educating children as they enter adolescences is important. If you read the "my first *******" stories here on EP, there are kids doing oral as young as 12/13. I'm in shock when I read some of these stories.
So, in my opinion, start with self pleasuring and make him feel he can come to you with any question. My daughter used to ask me any question and I gave her straight answers. And not in medical talk either, in actual words seen on the internet. However, I realized that I did not know much about the internals of the vulva and even I learned a lot.

I think it is something that would be good for him when the time is right. Learning and exploring in a safe environment where any question can be asked. You will aways have his trust and he will never be shy about coming to you with questions or problems.

yes I think she should talk to him abt it

I am 22 and grow up with a single mom . She caught me with a **** magazine 1 time and wen I was 14 and she me how to **** .

Was it a hands on instruction from her?