Can You Believe This?

I was at work and while I was on break I was reading the cover of USA Today in the machine and saw this story:
FURY GROWS OVER FORCED ABORTION IN CHINA.... Woman's 7month pregnancy terminated because she couldn't pay fine for second child.

It was in June 15 - 17 weekend edition.
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5 Responses Jun 15, 2012

I personaly dont believe in abortion but I do believe a woman has the right to chose in a certin time period. At 7 months the baby could survive if given a chance.

I read this and also saw a woman being dragged away by Chinese authorities for a forced abortion! I'm appauled and disqusted with the total disrespect for the life growing inside this poor womans womb. Sick world.

I just heard this story myself and I personally am pro life with the exception of rape. I have to believe this great moral crime won't go unpunished.

why at 7 months? it should have been done before 7 weeks.

Thats the parents stupid decision to wait. As if the law doesn't apply to them.

These people know the law and still have kids they can't afford. It is really stupid to cry you can't afford a child after you get pregnant.