Happy Being a Single Mom

It has been 5 years now that I became a single mom of 4. My children are all with me. The first(I adopted when she was 10 is now a nurse). The second in now in the university. The third is in highschool and the fourth in grade school. What a spread...It is a struggle and really very challenging. But in the end, I am more happy now than when I was married. Family and friends notice the positive change in me.
I learned so much about what a relationship should be when I was going through marriage counselling together with my ex before I finally filed for annulment. There are three reasons that should not happen in a marriage or any relationship for that matter. If there is physical, financial or emotional abuse, the aggrieved party should leave as soon as he/she can. Easier said than done but it is possible to leave an abusive partner.
I am writing this, for women like me who is currently struggling in an abusive relationship. I want to say that they have a choice. They have to choose their life because that is all they have. It is not easy but there is no other way...

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4 Responses Jun 21, 2012

Hi I have been a single mum from day dot. My charming ex headbutted me when I was 6 months pregnant cos I asked him to stop smoking near me, I couldnt breathe!..I dated a couple of no-good guys since then and Im afraid I am not interested in men anymore (not interested in women either tho lol) after so dating so many useless men Ive decided to stay on my own. Much better...much happier. And it gets even better over time too. Im not lonely either..I have good friends (most sick of their hopeless men too!) Men need to get over themselves and their annoying constant desires....

u r really strong!! good job done..keep fighting for good!!


This is so great. What a strong, determined and committed woman you are. I wish you endless blessings and love. Rae

Yes we can. I absolutely believe that.