Husbend Left, I Have A 6 Month Old Babyboy.

I am 23 years old my hubend left to another state and left me for another women and now only wants to be in my sons life when he feels like it. It hurts very much and dont know how to handle any of it has anyone out there have any advise how to cope? Or have been through a simular situation?
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hi im in a similar situation but my so called husband left me before our son was born and left me in the hospital. He only seen his son twice and that was only to come to my apartment to get his things. All of a sudden he is dating a women with 5 kids he wanna fight to take my son for a month to prove something to her. but thats not going to happen my son is 10 1/2 months and don't know who he is the last time i seen my so call husband my son was 4 months. The best thing to do is stay strong for your son and better yourself and show your "husband" that you can stand on your two feet. I'm stronger now all i want is my divorce to be over and i can build a happy life for my son . I wish you well with your situation and you can message me if you want

hey there thank your for emailing me my son is 7 months now and he hasnt seen him since he was 2 weeks old and now is with a wonmen he met in the pchy ward... which is sad thren ran off to DE and has done nothign but caused problems ever since wont leave me alone and i read your thing on your profile and i complty understand about not wanting to let you baby go to him.. bc i would never let my son go stay with him... he ran off why would i let that happen. how do you deal with it day to day knowing you husbend is with another wonmen..