It Gets Better.

This is for anybody who is a new teenage mother. if you are struggling or if you are not read this.
I am now 21 years old with a 4 year old daughter. She is now in junior infants. We live in a 2 bedroom semi detached small house. we have 1 bathroom.and a kitchen dining area. we also have a livingroom. We even have a garden. life is now great. Monday to friday i wake lily up at 7 and make her breakfast,get her dressed and drop lily off to my friend ericka's house every morning at half 7. She has a son in lilys class at school. i then head to work for eight o clock while ericka brings lily and her son cameron to school. i work untill 1 oclock. Then i go straight from work to school to pick up lily and Cameron. i bring them home and make them lunch. about a half an hour later ericka comes from work to take Cameron home. but she usually stays for coffe while lily and cameron play. then on weekends i pend two full days with lily. That probably sounds to easy. it wasnt always like that. i had to bring my newborn dauaghter home to a qbedroom apartment with 3 rooms altogether because i insisted i didnt need my familyies help. i was 1u years old. lilys father hadnt been seen since my 4rth month of pregnancy. I had a crib a carseat and a few blankets for my daughter and thar was it. She was 2 months early. Luckily my friends had bought alot of cloths for her. We were hanging by a thread untill 12 weeks. When i just stopped and thought. what am i doing. So at half ten on a saturday night i put my pink little baby in her carseat and we drove we drove untill we reached my parents house. i got her out of the car and rang the doorbell.MY mom answered. " mom i was wrong i need you no we need you please i cant do this alone. at That moment everything started to pick up. I stayed with my mom and we sold our apartment. I worked really hard and with a little help we were able to afford a proper house. i sorted out jobs and times with my friend Ericka. i am given 200 a week 50 from childcare for being a single mother and at the time a teenage mothe. my parents gave me fifty. I save up so that a hundred a week for food.
for anyone out there who is going through what i went through please listen to these 3 things
1) Admit to needing help
2)take it one day at a time
3) always put your child first
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Aug 14, 2012