Mama I Wanna....

I have a 2 year old boy who is my everything and it hurts me that my time has to be limited because I have to work. His father is not in the picture...
Every day I wake up to my son telling me mami milk ( he melts my heart but I still want to sleeep)
he knows I wear glasses so he goes and get them so he can give them to me jumping on my back and whisphering in my ear mama milk mama get up ( he doesn't say it clearly)
I usually get up after he gives me my glasses... after his milk he is like the energizer bunny
I try to spend as much time with him playing games and being silly. He loves it when I hide from him all over the house (mama where are you? I fond ju mama )
It's important for a parent to spend time with their kids doesn't matter the age.
again I can't stress enough that communication is key
My son is still little but I want him to know that he can't come and speak to me without fearing that I am going to punish him or judge him.
I have experience with my niece who is 12 and our relationship is great (which I am thankful for ) she knows that I will tell her the truth and I will not sugar coat anything
she told me that a boy wants to be her boyfriend (internally I am having a heart attack but externally I am calm) I asked her what did you tell him she said "Why do you want to be my boyfriend it's not like we can go anywhere and no I don't want a boyfriend" okay I am internally jumping up and down thank God but I ask her if she liked him she said yes he is nice but I don't need a boyfriend. which i was very proud of her maturity. I told her that I am glad she feels that why because I don't think she is ready to have a boyfriend I told her don't rush it you will have the right moment for everything
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What a Heart warming story!

thnx dave