A Blessing

Everytime I tell people that I am a single mom, they have this facial expression..." O, I'm sorry"... I feel it and it just say... "it is ok.... it is a situation, neither good or bad..."
As I think about it more, I am grateful that I am in this situation. It made me who I am now. and I love the person who I am now. Being a single mom, gave me the first hand exposure and training in financial management, time management, conflict resolution, counselling, crisis management, logistics, etc.... and to add to that is the ability to reflect and envision where I should go and do next. My kids gave me the impetus to strive and be more than what I can be.
Was it challenging and difficult? Yes... a triple yes... there are times I literally kneel down on my knees and cry and sob till there is no more tears that can fall and I rock myself to sleep on that the same floor. In the morning I wake up, clean my face and wake up my kids and I try so hard not to show the previous night of agony.
As I look back, and see myself now, all I can say is that every situation is an opportunity for personal growth and development. A situation is a situation, it is neither good or bad. It is what we do with it that defines it. It is a choice.

The best can only be bought at the cost of great pain.

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