I Will Be Just Fine...

After a healthy physical pregnancy and horrible mental support from my spouse. I took my son (at 3 months of age) and walked away from his father. I had no job, no savings, but a great family to help me. I thought I was going to just drowned in sorrow and pain. I thought I would never be the same, and I thought I would feel horrible, lonely, and not beautiful ever again. Yet, almost a year later it has all changed and I have found someone very kind. I am financially ok, and it will get better. I know I am beautiful and happy. After saying all these things about myself I knew I had to gain control over my life for the well being of my son. There is a light at the end of the tunnel for all those who have been scared, lonely and depressed. I was a BRAVE mom for my son. I picked up my baby and walked away from a mess. It hasn't been easy, but I did it. NOW I am a single mom proudly and I will be just fine. Actually, I feel even better out of the marriage and on my own!

For all you single moms, this is a note to clear your mind, make you see the good in you and DO WHAT IT TAKES FOR YOUR CHILD! If your not happy how can your baby be! LOVE YOU ALL!
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Good woman. Xxxxxxxx

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hi im new to this web pagent your storyes really inspired me, im 21 with two girls (4&1) im planing my way out of my 7 yr relationship. ive try breakink this relationship but he will justo nota undestan, he even proposed to me on christmas even but sofar everything is going the same that im nt even wearing nota longer the ring

same experience that walked away with my son when he was at the age of 3 months,but i plan to be single in the future,i do not want anybody judge in my life.

Iam in the same situation, planning my way out . i have a 1 month baby, finally ended it with her father but trying to find a place to go and start over without him. Still under the same roof for now but i cant stand the sight of him...its hard and am very unhappy. i know i will be ok someday.U r an inspiration o me.

We are friends now. You can do this friend. I moved 1700 miles away cause I was living around the corner and it wasn' t good enough either. Sometimes you have to take 2 steps backwards to take 3 steps forward! You have done the hardest part, now what? Keep waking up and taking it day by day. I still can't believe it has been a year. Felt like just yesterday I told him never again. :)

Message me anytime I am here for you! ANYTIME! :)

Good advice, it saddens me to see people, usually women staying in horrible, sometimes violent relationships "for the kids" Really???? That's what you want for your kids?? The truth is it is harder to leave a bad situation and make it on your own, you're stronger than you know!