I'm A Single Mom Of Twins

Well what can I say. I am a single mom. Not only am I a single mother, I am a single parent. My twin boys have never met their biological father nor will they ever. I am so lucky to have them, however, not having anyone to help raise them or to even share in the smiles, the giggles, and everything wonderful is sad and its a daily struggle. I do my best to be an outstanding mother to my babies. The joy of having these two amazing little boys is mind boggling and sometimes I almost can't believe this happened to me. I am truly blessed.

Everything happens for a reason.
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Hi, I read your profile and was wondering if you would read mine and see if it is something yo would consider. Please let me know..Julie

Thank You! Yes, they definitely need a good male role model. Hopefully, God blesses us with one. I'm nervous about introducing anyone to them. How has your experience with this been?

So far so good. I am truley in love with this man. My kids like him and he seems to do well with them. I had been single for the past three years just dating guys but nothing really got too serious so it feels good to finally say I'm in a relationship.It took me about 4 mos of serious dating before I introduced him to my girls. The same morning we became a item I let them all get acquainted. This came from making mistakes in the past and introducing guys too soon to them and then having to explain to them what happen to they guy when he is no longer around. I am looking forward to everything we can do together. He does'nt have kids, and while I prefer that I be someone who does, I can't shake how I feel about him. At least I dont have any bm drama to deal with but it would of been nice if he would of had maybe one or two children. Other than that things are great!

aww keep up the good work. You can do it!! I am a single mom to two little girls myself so I completely understand how you feel. Praying God has blessed me with the right guy to take on that father role. They need a good male role model in thier life.