My Truth: Im A Single Parent Of Twins

Well, I posted a simplified summary of my story. However, after reading some of the other people's experiences and seeing how detailed they are, I decided to post my whole truth in hopes that other people can relate to my story and that I might receive the support that I am seeking.

I am a single mother of twin boys. Not only am I a single mother, I am a single parent because my boys have never met their biological father. When I was 6 months pregnant, I found out that my babies father was not only married but having a child with another women as well. She was 5 months pregnant and chose to continue her marriage and raise their child together and I chose the much more difficult route of raising my children on my own. We have had no contact with him. He does not know who his children are, what their names are, how much they weighed, or if they even look like him. How can someone live with themselves knowing that they have two other children out there?

It has been a daily struggle both emotionally and physically to raise these children on my own. However, I have no choice than to press forward and see what life brings. I really do believe that everything happens for a reason and I am eager to know what the bigger picture holds for us.
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Hi agonicole11,
Occasionally, if i need to go to an appointment or if I need to go somewhere quick like cvs or something like that, my mother or father will stay with the boys for a little while. Otherwise, I am their only caregiver.

But they help so your not alone.

Who helps you with your children?