Experts Fanny!

Reading up on what experts say is so mind boggling. There are over 7 billion people in the world and they have the nerve to say if your child is not like this ONE way then something is wrong. WHAT THE HECK! I will read the experiences from mothers dealing with the same issues and they end up giving me more confidence then these so called experts.

Every time I read about what these experts say I panic and then I read what mothers went through and I calm down. Thanks a lot experts!

My son is very smart boy and he knows exactly what you say to him. He runs very fast, very strong, and he loves to explore. He is 2 years and 4 months old and isn't talking very much. He can say STOP but its usually with a scream so lol yea. He says baa when he wants to drink and he says eat. He has said other things since he was 1 1/2  like "belly button" or "leave me alone" and etc but the main there is stop, eat, and baa.

I am thinking its kind of my fault because I know exactly what he needs or when something is wrong with him I fix it. When I ask him questions like What do you want, if he said it to me more than once he will not repeat himself but get angry LOL. I will ask him are you okay and he will either say no or yes. He have even nod his head yes before he was one lol

Someone says I respond to him crying but that's ridiculous. Only time my son cries is when he is hungry (I was taking my time on feeding him), when his cousin is aggravating him he whines, or when he is tired. He is cranky when he is tired. Some nights he will just go to sleep but other nights when he tries to fight his sleep he goes a little bonkers.

I am going to take him to the doctor but when i tell them my concern its always a shrug of the shoulders and eh' he'll be fine. They always amazed about how he develop he is in other areas but the speech part is not happening right now. UGH!
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I have a very intelligent 2yo grandson. He can talk. For some reason he has chosen not to talk around certain people, his mother for one. There is nothing wrong with my daughter in law, she is a very loving and caring person. It took him months before he started talking around me. Then I was taking care of him overnight one night and all of a sudden he started talking. Now he never shuts up,lol. When he realized that Mom heard him and knew he could talk, he started talking to her. His father is a genius, and I test higher than that, so when I say he is a smart little turkey, I mean it.
My point is that there is nothing wrong with my grandson, he just chooses not to speak unless he feels like it. Your son is probably the same way. He is probably extremely intelligent and just has not had the need or desire to talk. He will start talking when he wants something and a yes or no is not enough. I would point out new things to him. Increase his vocabulary. When the day comes that he finally starts talking you won't be able to keep him quiet.
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My son is very unique anyway so I"m happy with his developmental level. If I can talk to my son and ask him questions like everybody else plus he responds to me with understanding what more does he need.

My niece was labeled with a speech problem and my sister never went to get her evaluated. Now my niece teacher said she is hee brightest one in class. When I was a preschool teacher one little girl talked extremely well but she didn't know how to count or recite her alphabet; she was 4 going on 5. She had conversations like a grown woman and couldn't do most of her work.

My cousin didn't start talking until he was four. Some kids just take a little longer to talk, like they are taking their time getting it just right. I'm sure if there was really something wrong, you'd have noticed it. To me it seems he is developing just fine. I'm not a doctor but I've babysat different children enough and he sounds just like my cousin who is now 8 and talking awesomely! I hope you all the best. Take care. Both of you :)

I am not worried, people always compliment how smart my son is and he is. I am happy and I am no rush. I can tell he wants to learn and all I can do is encourage him by flash cards, books, and more :) Thank you for your response