No Rest For The Wicked, Even Less For The Good

I have 2 teenage children but one of them still attends school. My eldest is a girl and has given me so much grief but still i go on with life. My daughter has been in trouble with the law and has done a stint in jail. She has been out for almost a year and has polished up her act. She now has a boyfriend who is now inside looking out. I once had a husband who found that the grass was greener on the otherside so i left him. It has been a very tumultuous 3 years. At times i feel very sad, angry both at the same time. I have struggled emotionally, physically and financially. I am optimistic about life though and believe things will get better, well i hope it happens soon. My son is my youngest and i play a father role to him as well. A mothers job is never completed. From the time she wakes in the morning, she is always constantly thinking about her day, meetings at school, meetings at work, car problems if any, cooking breakfast, and dinner, preparing childrens lunchs, answering telephone calls and the usual house hold chores that never cease. Then just before she goes to bed, she starts to think about what needs to be done tomorrow and so it all begins again.
bubbista2012 bubbista2012
Dec 4, 2012