I Dont Care Anymore!

well, its almost 5am from where Im from, and I cant sleep again after dreaming about my baby:s daddy who is now with another girl and wants nothing to do with us. so while i was just lying on my bed i felt the baby move. then i wondered if i held my belly if i would feel him/her with my hand
then he/she kicked, twice! and i startd crying, i realized how much the BD doesnt matter anymore. i just want my little baby in my arms im so excited to hold him/her. i love him/her alreadyy. :') ♥
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Thank yoi keeley and monaroo!

Thisismypage should really get off the site if he/she isnt going to say anything nice at all
I am a nursing student and i have my own money. Well enough to take care of both my children, money isnt the only thing u need to raise kids. I am a good mother from a good family. I dont need u or anyone telling me wht i am or am not what can and cant do. just bcause i made bad choices doesnt make me a bad person i am capable of raising them. So stfu :))

Great story, idk what thisismypage is talking about, seems like you made two GREAT choices in just this one story... Moving on from a deadbeat and realizing what you have is the greatest gift of all... You don't need money and education to raise a child, not that I saw anything about being broke or uneducated in your story :-)

Having a child is never a bad decision, and keeping a child isn't either... What a terribly inappropriate, hateful, and ignorant comment... You'll be fine as a single mom... Sure it's hard, but lots of women do it every day...

Maybe you should read her other story because she doesn't support herself she can't use common sense and doesn't have an education. When you can make kids but can't feed them or raise them in a standard home your better off not having them. While she is crying because she wants a BOY FRIEND her kids are hoping christmas comes this year. While she crys over money issues her kids hope they have a home. Teens make the worst parents they just don't have the brains to make better choices.

Not to be disrespectful, but I don't know her that well... But what you just wrote describes probably half the parents in this country married or not, teen or not... You should consider yourself lucky to not have made any bad decisions and to be wealthy enough to not have money issues or worries... I mean if you cared enough to write something, why not something constructive that helps?

Just because she's a single mother, doesn't automatically mean she's not going to be financially stable. So what if the baby doesn't have a father. My daughter's idiotic father left and shes perfectly happy without him. The baby has a mother and that's all the matters. I've said this before and I'll say it again, a child doesn't NEED a father to grow up happy. There are many children that were raise with a single mother and they turned out just fine. Just because she isn't married doesn't mean she is unhappy. Grow up and stop trying to make people feel bad over a decision they made. Its frankly inappropriate.

Don't you think you should handle your mental issue better? You are in no boat to talk about being appropriate.

I have been handling my mental issue. My problems were before my daughter was born. Before you go around assuming, get educated about a situation and stop trying to bring everyone down.

You should give that baby to a family that can give it a mother and father. Someone with an education and income. Someone married and happy. You keep making poor choices.

Stfu idc what you think.