Love Is Gone

i read a lot of inspirational stuff to help me get over what i am going through right now... after what has happened to me.... i was reading something about love when i realized i must have lost it along the way... i don't feel anything at all.... don't get me wrong, i love my son with all my heart but that's it! I couldn't find the love that was there now that the father of my son left hurts all the time but i know i have to keep going for my son... i'm the only one he's got....
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2 Responses Dec 5, 2012

Hey....just know that no matter what's going on that somebody has it worse. As a mother who is going through dealing with an absent father, we have to learn to forgive them. It seems impossible and I am struggling with it myself but its the only solution to freedom that I can find. Good luck to you.

its hard to forgive him evrytime i see my son growing without a father. especially now that i found out he is already living in with someone new...he never cared for.his son...and now i couldnt get myself tp.entertain new


So true forgiveness can give u freedom and happiness.. That is the first thing I do to move on.. and My heart finally healed..

It's hard when the father takes off. I still cry about my daughter's father every so often, and it still hurts that he abandoned her but I have to stay strong, for her. I have to make it through the day without him and at times it's hard to do so. But then seeing her smile at me and cuddle and just want to be with me, it makes it all disappear and I forget all about what's-his-name. Heehee. Stay strong, keep your head up high. I'm hope all goes well. And if you ever need to talk, I'm here to listen.