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I'm 20, and I'm 3 weeks pregnant, I am not with the father, to be honest I didn't even know him when we had sex. I was very drunk and can barely remember anything that happened that night, except that I was with him. I have recently told him that I'm pregnant and he says he wants to help but I'm not so sure i want him to, do u have any advise on what I should do ?
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It's a brilliant thing to do, I know it's scary and a life changer but it's brilliant. I had this happen to me.
There's a programme called Pramface here, which is a comedy based around what you say. I know your situation is not a comedy (can't even watch the film Knocked Up) but actually it's a great thing, it just doesn't feel like it before the baby comes.

Abortion is not and option ... I can't do that again




Trolling terribly, I see.

Perhaps the things you had to say would be more effective if you put some thought into them.

Definitely more thought, crazy.

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Ask yourself who will watch/raise the child when you have to work!
Ask yourself who will you trust to hold your newborn when you can't because your sick or in pain!
Ask yourself how will you pay the rent, car, household bills and pampers.
Ask yourself what will you do when you feel alone and tired.
Who will be the babies doctor because kids get sick a lot?
Who will help you with day to day tasks like food shopping and visits to the bank?
What will you do when you are so tired you can't stand up straight?

I state facts if you don't have an answer to the question your not going to make a proper parent.

You clearly are a few fries short of a happy meal. Your mother wasn't really good to you now was she?