Early Christmas

When I heard my ex was spending Dec12-Jan3 out of the country I wasn't happy. I understand why(his family isn't in the U.S.) but was angry he was traveling when he should be with our son for Christmas. Our son had ear operations and can't travel. I had to tell him how upset I was and used a few choice words in our conversation but finally relaxed enough to tell him how we can work this out. 1. We will have to have a early christmas including opening gifts and watching christmas shows as a family. 2. We must take a early Christmas photograph 3. We will have a early Christmas dinner.
I don't know many other people that would be as open as I am to making Christmas a family event with parents that are separated but I didnt want to upset our son. There is no reason he should feel his dad didnt have Christmas with him. We didn't even lie we just said Christmas is early for us and that santa will still visit later because santa only works one day. Lol
thisismypage thisismypage
Dec 8, 2012