Holiday Blues

Christmas this year is stressing me out beyond belief. I want to give my kids everything they want and deserve and I'm trying my hardest to keep in mind that material things are not the point of the holiday....but the fact of the matter is they have high expectations and, well, they should! I would love for them to wake up on Christmas morning to new bikes and scooters and Legos and electronics and footballs, stockings full.

But the fact is I can't afford it. And it's killing me. I will do my best and they'll still be overjoyed with whatever they get, I know this.

I now understand why people get so depressed during the holidays. I'm feeling it.
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3 Responses Dec 10, 2012

Try teaching to put more vaule on the simple things,like making chrismas cookies or singing chrismas songs. It always makes me feel happier.

4 and 7.

Maybe get a big thing for the 7 year old and a cheap toy for the 4 year old. The baby doesn't know better.

OH yes he does.

It'll be ok. I always feel better after I vent.

At 4 my son is happy with a stick we call his wand lol and to think we got him an iphone5.

Having one is different than having two. My oldest was easy to please. The younger knows more from watching the older.

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How old are they? I only got one gift this year and his dad got one gift. However my son is 4 and he is really spoiled. We agreed only 2 things is enough and just relax this year.