I Know This Is Temporary

I am a single mother of three children ages 4,7, and 9. I divorced there father due to mental and physical abuse. I knew that when I divorced him, I would be raising my children in poverty at- least until I could earn my degree. I am one term from graduation and I have never been so poor the entire time since I set out on this journey. I have to pay for internet access because it is directly related to my job, I am a tutor, and I have to be able to access school district websites and curriculums in order to serve my students as well as communicate with my employer who is nearly 100 miles away. I also take online courses so I can complete my degree because I could no longer afford the commute of a 100 miles round trip 3x a week. ( I am only explaining this bc I have seen people here comment on one's inability to afford things, but "they still have internet access") I need my internet access to literally survive! So don't bother to comment on that. I am so poor right now bc, most of my students chose not to have tutoring over the Thanksgiving break and a round of the flu in this region caused a lot of them to cancel in the week after that. this week, I have $80 to pay the bills, buy groceries, and put gas in the car so I can get to work. And we all know thats not gonna cover it. I have always stored food bc I feel, if you have three children, it is your responsibility to have provisions in case of any emergency whether economic or disaster related. So we will not starve. My cell phone has been shut off today but I have made plans with an Aunt to be added to her plan cutting my cost to below half of what I have been paying. I can call the utilities and extend my due dates. I can use this money for gas and to pay the babysitter. but that will be all. Tomorrow, at 1pm I will have no money to speak of for the rest of the week. I feel like I am in the "Hail Mary" phase of this journey and it brings me to tears very often but a part of me just doesn't care because at this point I know, That this is only temporary.
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This is only Temporary : )

I wish life wasn't so hard for you...I grew up in poverty and it is tuff. What I read that is inspiring to me, is how you are tuned into your future and your children. Not all people in poverty feel the same way you do. The day to day struggle takes their attention off the future and they focus on the daily pain, resorting to drugs and alcohol. This is what my parents tuned into to. Are you aware of the programs that are out there, that can help you with your current situation. Food, utilities, and other forms of assistance? lol Howard

Long live our dreams! Best wishes to you always...with your strength...you will be more than fine! :) Howard

I am sorry to hear you are struggling. I am a single mother of two boys (divorced almost 5 years ago) work full-time and I am working to finish my degree online as well (half-way there.) I have enough money to pay my bills and that's about it but I struggled to make ends meet for long time and got myself into some trouble (paying bills late etc.) I have just recently started to do better by focusing on my budget ( I eat a half can of Campbell soup everyday for lunch to save money and other ridiculous things like that now lol) But the absolute greatest thing I did was take the Dave Ramsey course and started keeping track of everything I spend. They gave me this course for $30 through work. Over the course of just a few months I have managed to get all my bills caught up. I didn't think it was possible, until I started looking at where I was really spending money. I have given up pretty much everything besides house & utilities, food & transportation, but I feel like its worth it. I managed to set aside a small amount for Christmas by selling stuff on ebay and from cutting back and I am going really simple this year. (Something you want, need, wear, and read for the boys) These are just some ideas. The best thing I have done is to pray. Money has a way of showing up when you really need it. Mostly I just wanted to give you some encouragement. It really sounds like you are doing a great job! Keep the faith, you can do it and you have so much to be proud of. It sounds like you have a plan and things will get better soon. Hang in there! :)

Its time to take a student loan.

Aunt sally means attracting negative attention or being set up for failure. Do you think people will look down on you for taking out a loan or do you think you will not be able to pay it back?

Acquainted is the proper spelling also

Lol no but i couldn't understand what you said at first. I was hoping you would explain a little bit

I was simply telling you what you wrote isn't correct and that I don't understand what you were trying to say. Don't take it the wrong way.

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