I'm Still In Love With My Baby's Father, Who Is Now Engaged To Another Woman.

When I was 14 my 17 year old boyfriend took my virginity. We were dating for a year before he got me pregnant. I now have a baby girl named Stacy. She is 6 months old and he wants nothing to do with either of us. My number is blocked from his phone and he claims Stacy isn't his. I really want my daughter to know her father who's now 19. But most of all I don't understand why Stacy and I aren't good enough for him. I dated him for almost two years and I did everything he ever asked. He cheated on me through the whole relationship and my whole pregnancy but I stayed with him. At one point his girlfriend (now fiancé) was out of town and he agreed to meet up with Stacy and I. He then told me he'd leave her for our family and he cried when he saw Stacy. He claimed he loved us. But then when his girlfriend came back it was all over. I wonder everyday if he still loves me or ever did love me. I now live across the country and we never talk. But I still kept our prom photos and I try not to stalk his Facebook but sometimes I fail :/
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hello! I am a single mom also..My ex have family and have kids now. Its almost 4 years we broke up. I can say Time will heal..Its hard at first.. You have to move on.Forget and forgive, everything happens for a reason. God has something better for you.. God Love's you so much and ur baby..

Hello, My ex is having a family with someone else and doesn't claim his kids with me. To top it off even after this I still have feelings for him. This is easier said that done but it truly works. take it one day at a time. You can't force someone to be there when they don't want to. I should know. Your daughter will know the truth within time. and she will appreciate you and everything you have done for her. For the moment like everyone said block him out of your mind, block him on fb and just focus on her. It helps. remember one day at a time.

Hi! I am a single mom also and we have the same situation..you know what you are still young,dont waste your time about your ex, remember you still have your lil angel.just focus yourself to your baby.

You should file with your state dhs and force him to do a dna test then child support. Dont hope for the best from this loser. Your daughter is missing out on his loveand financial support! !!

You need to learn to love yourself

How do I do that?

Its a mind set you just need to know your worth more, your stronger, smarter, better and remember these things when he puts you down .

Better choices in the future .