16 , Single Mom .

I'm Having A Girl Her Name Is Gonna Be Izsabella Rosa Bugarin <3 rosa , is my fab part if her name because its my grandmas name that is in heaven now , but she's always down here taking care of us<3
I was 5 months , when I found out I was having a baby ~ I always new sooner but my ex made me believe I wasn't he said I was thinking to much I thought that too . But One Day , my Sister bought me a test ' nd it was positive , I couldn't believe it I was scared I cryed saying it couldn't be true, my dad didn't no what to say cause I was he's liddo girl , . At First My Mind Was The Abortion Cause My Ex ' I just wanted him happy , but something told me its life , she has a heart beat she didn't do anything wrong . So I told him I wasn't gonna do it , first thing he said ., than I can't do this he walked away I cryed I cryed because that boy told me no matter what , he will always be there nd he loved me forever , . But we're is he at now ? No were to be found. It hurt so much , but I think also I have my family that's 100% with me threw it all nd happy <3 I'ma be that liddo's girl mom/ dad best I can be . I have to work twice harder for my future but ill make it even if it takes longer!
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Hey congrats on the new baby! I just had my first child last year 1/20/12. I'm 21 and I'm new at this thing but it is hard it's the hardest thing I've even done. I know you've cried but sadly there will be much more tear (both of sadness and joy). But never think you can't do it you will be what this child has and needs in this world. Love God, love your child and be hopeful for better days when you get feel down!

I got pregnant at 16, had her at 17, now I'm 34 and she is 17.
I'm proud of everything.
She is my only one. I love her. She is the reason I wake up with desire to be a better person.
I didnt have my family's support or walfare to lean on... Who cares?
We are very happy, have a great relationship, we love and take care of each other...
I wish you well. With all my heart, I'm very, very proud of you.

Good luck...its a big job but I am sure you can do it

Yes that's right! Keep your head up because God doesn't make mistakes :-)

Don't believe keeping the baby is a good idea you will live at home and your mom will raise the kid. Or you will live on welfare.

I don't think running your mouth it's a good idea.. you will hurt somebody ...or somebody will really hurt you ;)
Good luck.

I see being a teen mom made you a really angry person but thats what happens when kids have kids.