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Because I Am Your Mother And I Said So!

From the moment your first baby is sweetly silently conceived, your soul is bound to your childs forever.
Motherhood is the most important responsibility any woman can sholder. There is nothing more important than looking after your children.
Right now my kids are all teenagers, everyday they still learn and grow. Even now they need correction and guidance and unconditional love.
Any mother who gets it is a hardworking woman who still needs her own mother.
Parenting alone is the quickest way to seperate the women from the freaks. Running your own house teaches a woman quickly the ways of the world. I have sole legal custody of my kids its up to me and me alone to provide for them. Does anyone understand how scary that really is? It still rattles me sometimes.
LadyGypsy LadyGypsy 41-45, F 2 Responses Jan 6, 2013

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I think for myself it puts a lot of pressure on me to always do whats best and never whats easy. To be always by my sons side if he needs me, to always make sure he is safe but happy, to make sure he is strong but kind. I am sure I have a long but great road ahead!

I can relate. I love motherhood. I raised two kids as a single mom. My mom passed away 10 years ago. Every now and then I wish she was here. My kids are finally adults now...well one of them is grown, married with four kids. The youngest is in her teens and in her last year of school. I think I did well with raising them. I really didnt worry too much with my oldest because he is a guy. He protected and carried himself very well and was a mature kid. By that I mean he excelled in school, he got his first real job at 15 so i bought him a car which he paid the insurance on and kept gas in it. (the average kid that I know does not do this). He would buy things for the house when he got paid like groceries and such.(without my asking) My youngest started working at 13 but I find myself more protective of her and i have a hard time letting her go. But this is her last year of school so I have to face the music of her going off to college! I wish my mom was here to support me and advise me on how she handled it when I left the nest! Be strong and hang in there. Continue to give advice they will thank you for it later.