Single Mom Of 7 & Pregnant With 8th

I'm 33 going on 34. I'm pretty near 24wks pregnant. I was together with my husband for 16yrs plus when he up and left us for another woman. He moved many many many miles away and since he left 4mos ago he has no contact with any of our children.
Not even when my 13yr old son was bumped by a car! Thankfully my son was more than ok! A scary experience to say the least.
I got myself a lawyer and have applied for custody of our 7 kids and child support too. He responded wanting full access to my kids and guardianship so he can remain in our children's lives! I really don't know how that is going to work when he won't even communicate with me or any of the kids. He went as far as blocking our children from his Facebook. To me this makes no sense! My four older kids are growing to resent their dad. My three younger ones don't really remember him now.
I've dont my best to keep our lives as normal as possible and continued to move forward. It's just hard now with the legal stuff as the stress is a bit much. Being pregnant my emotions are crazy! Knowing I'll have to go to court again once my baby is born. Who knows if he will even meet this child? Or sign for this baby??!?!
I have a tough time trying to find anyone to talk to as people either are very angry with him or want him to come back to us.
I just want for my children and I to be happy again, to be safe n healthy.
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I was 18 when I had my first child, my four older kids were all pretty much a year apart. Ages 15, 14, 13, 12, 6, 4 (5 in Feb) & 4!!

I forgot to mention the whole guardianship application as he put it was so he could have say in any decision making on behalf of his children, which is hard as he doesn't communicate with me at all. His new girlfriend has sent me messages stating there will be no emails or anything sent to him from me. Then in the next message she says we need to communicate! I was like which is it?
He says he wants full access through mail, emails, phone or any electronic devices.
It's tough for me as the mother to want my children to go through that. When I've done my best to be their stability. I just find it very selfish to want but not even give anything to them. I used to make excuses for him so my kids would be hurt as little as possible. Telling them he's a good dad, he misses them too and no matter what he loves them. But I know he's a grown man and makes his choices. My older kids know this and that's why they resent him. Passing messages through other people saying he misses them. It just doesn't cut it for them. Going from having a dad who really did love them, who was a good dad and was very active in their lives to not having a dad at all is hard for them.
Two of my children have had birthdays since and of course they were sad not hearing from their dad.
This is all new to me and I just don't know how to feel or what to expect. Just doing my best to remain positive.