16 With 3 Little Heartbeats

My name is Jacqueline I am 16 years old I had straight A's I had two loving parents who cared deeply about each other I was religiously involved in my church. One day I met a boy I feel in love we dated for a year he was the first boy I lost my virginity too he went to church with me we played guitar together I loved and still love everything about him . We dated for more than a year and one day he broke up with me I cried and cried then he came to my house a couple days after and we made love .. The next three weeks I was puking and got really sick I didn't know what was going on . I went with my sister and cousin and I took 10 pregnancy tests all came out positive. I was so scared . I thought I knew my boyfriend I thought he loved me he told me he would never leave but I found out he was with another girl .. I went up to her and him and told them I was pregnant and she didn't care she said she didnt care .. The guy that I thought loved me texted me saying that this is your revenge telling her , he didn't even see if I was okay he only cared about her . That night I took pills about 7 but then something stopped me I went to the Er and they found two babies in my tummy twins . My family was upset my parents split up . I made a schedule to get an abortion at Planned Parenthood but something hit me these are my babies two beautiful twins . I know that I will struggle and that things will be bad but they need me they chose me to be there mommy and I love them no matter if my future is ruined they are my future . I work a lot of hours and I'm trying to get a second job . To any women out there who don't have men be strong not for them not even for yourself for your babies because no matter how hard and cruel life can be you were chosen by these babies . (:,
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wow.. you did great... best decisions u have made..

Very strong woman, they picked a good mommy!

brought tears in my eyes ..you are such a wise person , i am sure your kids will have the best mother in the world....

I was in smiler situation to u it's hard work been a single mother but very rewarding ur kids will always come frist to you. I wish u the best of luck xx

The kids will grow up without a father and most important they will have a mother with the world against her because you have nothing they need to survive. You have no education, no job, no home, you can't even feed the babies so think about what your doing! Really think about what you will do alone with 2 babies and if you can't support them who you are really hurting. If its hard on you think how hard it will be for them.

Jacqueline, go AHEAD. I had a similar experience in my life with a guy who wasn't the right person to me also. I spent my pregnancy alone, my parents didn't talk with me but I could overcome all challenges that new life. My son is 8 years old today, but soon after his birth I resume to college and got graduate in economics. Now I have a good job, work toooo HARD, can provide all needs to my son (he study at a traditional and private school) and all my family is proud about me and specially about him. Does not matter what people says to you - THINK JUST ABOUT THE BEAUTIFUL BABIES who is true LOVE of you life. I wish you good luck and all the best.

Who watches the kid when you're gone all day? Most people end up without a lot and the kids suffer most of all!

I always worked even before his birth. It was a mixing of my parents and a babysitter until his 2 years age. Since then, he study full period 11:00 am til 5:00 pm with some sports activities, extra school, etc.... Isn't easy for him, neither for me, but the life is made of choices, I did the mine and just hope Jacqueline can make hers. Hopeful can be the best choice for her and for babies.

A little detail: in my country abortion is a crime.

What country?

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