Single Mothers

Single mothers who aren’t spending their time looking for a man but spending their time providing for their children are the most admirable people on earth

(Dedicated to all beautiful single mothers out there)

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Thumbs up and applause and all the due respect! BUT please don't do it, you're just going to become a bitter & jaded after so much pain and sacrifice ! bitter angry ppl do bad things and by the time your children grow up they'll see you as a grumpy & miserable person, not a good example to show them.

Thumbs Up from me too... and I'm a guy!

Lovely post and awesome black and white pic!

hi ! it does take a special preson ! very important responsibility !

Naw id give it to single fathers raising daughters

I appreciate that but a man around lightens the load.

I agree

I am one of this.! and I'm blessed to have my son...

I know what you mean by "Looking for a man" and not spending time with there kids and using there time to be with them but when the kid grows up and leaves the single mam she needs someone to be there and then you don't have to die alone be alone and so on..... being forever not happy so i think single mams should look for a man but at the same time keep a relationship with there kids.

i have so much respect and awe for single mothers and fathers who are doing it right. i dont know how they do it.

In my case..I have had my parents who helped me thru the hard time. I am so grateful for that.

I had help, too. I was financially able to take care of my son. Emotionally too, but as the saying goes, "it takes a village to raise a child". Being a parent is a 23 hour a day/ 7 days a week/365 days a year job for at least 18 years and I was fortunate that my parents, sisters, aunt and cousins were there to give me a break every now and then. Even my son's paternal grand mother--who didn't like me and felt that I was "trash" for getting pregnant, helped out. I took her slights because she was a very good grandmother to my son and because she adored my son and he adored her,too. Despite all of her antics and trying to put me down, I am still grateful that she is in my son's life. Now that he is 25, I don't have to be around her at all but she and my son have a very loving relationship. I don't hold a grudge against her, but because I know that she does not like me, I keep my distance. I speak to her when I see her and I know that when my son marries and has kids, I will have to see her and I will treat her with respect as I always have because she is someone who is important to my son.

I could not agree more.... I see too many single moms who make "single" a priority over "mother". Well said!

If this is not completely true, it should be true. I was also raised by a single mom many years ago. I saw first hand how difficult it is and how much dedication. There is no honor in just being a single parent, but there is great honor in being a parent, single or married who puts your children''s needs and dreams above your own and who learns to enjoy their adventure every day. But to do the latter and have to bear the responsibility without a partner is unbelievably difficult and to be a mom who does so without even realizing that the future is impossible until it becomes the accomplished past is beyond honor. For those men, married or single, who abdicate our sacred responsibility in not only playing with our children, but caring for their needs and nurturing their dreams, shame on us. This alone makes us the weaker sex.
I am fortunate to have had someone to share the burdens and the joy and my kids are now amazing young men and women, in spite of all of my mistakes. To have done what my mother did in raising us would have been impossible for me to do.
Ms. Wings.. thank you. What you do everyday is priceless.

Thank you for this! I have been divorced for 4 years now (he left) and have 2 wonderful children. They are and will always be my number one priority. The people I know seem to think I should be finding someone new.....but I choose to focus my energy on giving my children the life they deserve.

Yw...I am same...I have been divorced nearly 9 years, been workinh so hard to make sure my kids have a good life. People keep on telling me to focus on myself and find a new man but thats not my priority. Im sure the right man will come to me...and to you too. We are strong women. Xoxo

I'm a single mom and I have found an amazing man. He knows my kids come first an he has yet to meet them. I'm waiting for his return home to meet my kids which I'm absolutely nervous about


Thanks! I wasn't really looking and he came into my life and we hit it off and things have been going from there but right now he's deployed so we are making it work

My mom was a single mom and still to this day one of my favorite people in my life because of it!

I am sure she is a wonderful woman...

im one of a single mother on earth and i agree on what you said!! i dont have time to find for a right guy i've always want to work for my son's future!!