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I am 22 years old and I have a 3 year old son. I got pregnant at the age of 18 to my boyfriend, we were only together for about a month and a half when we found it I was pregnant. So we barely knew each other and now we were bringing a child into this world. Well shortly after that my boyfriend decided he didnt want a child so he broke up with me. We were on and off again for 3 years because he just wasn't ready to grow up. Now my sons father is in prison and he serving a 7 year sentence. Its hard doing everything by myself but I know my child will grow up with the up most respect for his mother. Of course it is very stressful also doing it all alone and sometimes I just want a break but I don't get that. Because of having a child at such a young age I had to grow up very fast. My son is my everything and would die for him.
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we're the same.. I am 22 and I have 3 years old son.. Its not really easy to be a young mom.. and We are blessed to have our son..

all those hardships and still you have the spirit to go on
That is awesome to hear about :)

I'd love to know how you're finding it. You sound in control.

I've had a lot of help from my parents, at first they were very upset with me when i told them i was pregnant, my mom even pushed me down flight of stairs and told me that she hoped my baby would die. I've been through hell and back and what doesn't kill you only makes you stronger. It's taken me awhile to figure everything out, I finally decided to go back to college so I can get a better job to support us. I guess I just try to keep it all together for my son.

You're a hero. It's inspiring. I hope you can draw on that inspiration yourself when you're going through the toughest parts!

Wow thank you!! I hope that when my son gets older he feels the same way.

He will, for sure. He won't fail to appreciate what you're doing for him when he's old enough.

Do you ever get a break? It must be pretty full on!

No break for me except for when I'm at work.

That figures. But work isn't really a break, right? Just a change. So no real break at all? I think that's probably the hardest thing!

sorry, not trying to make you feel bad :/

Yea I guess you're right, work really isn't a break. I guess I'm ok with that too. I mean yes it would be nice but right now Im going through some hard times and just being around my son is what makes me happy.

From where I'm standing, you look very in control of your situation. I wonder if it feels that way from the inside!

Absolutely not! To be honest I feel like Im falling apart

Ouch :/ ok that's different.


(maybe better to send a message if you prefer!)

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