I Am a 16 Year Old Single Mother.

ok so this is  my story. when i was 14 i met thins guy thinking he was like the nicest guy ever but when i said no to sex i realized i was so wrong. He raped me and now i have a 2 year old daughter. her name is elizabeth and i love her so much but i am too young to have a baby. i just need someone to talk to.


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Trust me, you did the right thing by your daughter. It is hard but Im here if you need me

i am so sorry that something like that happened to you.......the same thing happened to one of my best friends and she was a single mom for almost three years before she meet her husband and i know if things can work out for her they will work out for you i know its hard but stay strong and look at the beautiful little girl of yours and talk to her believe it or not our children are the best listeners.......time really does heal things slowly, very slowly but it really does im here if you need anything

hi my name is maggie. I do not have a child but if you ever need someone to talk to I am here. I have friend who is a young mom. Hear is my cell number if you need to talk 614 961 0827.

we could chat if u like?

i am sorry for your expereince. For your own sake please try to have some affirming friendships around yoruself and you yourself to be loving to yourself during the demanding role as a sole mother. stay positive and do your best and pat yourself on your back for wahtever you manage to do . be kind to yourself.<br />
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could you please assist me. My daughter is thinking of being a sole parent and she has has anxiety disorders and i feel it would not be good that she would be better off giving herself a few years to build her life in an easier way. i had things hard as a sole aprent and dont want that for her. my brother planned saved did al whole lot of thigns before having childrena nd i would like her to do that too.<br />
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can you pleae let me know what youf ind hard about it<br />
financially, socially the constant demands loneliness hard job prospects, not to depress you, for yorusel fyou need to stay positive and focus on the positive , but to help my daugher who doesnt realise how hard it is. she is stubborn and just things its fine she can manage. we are all depleted after years of suffering and it would be the worst thing for all of us at present. she thinks its easy but i know at her age i also didnt realise how hard it all is.<br />
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can you help me with this.<br />
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thanks <br />
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I imagine it would be very hard to have to be a mom at your age. Please feel free to write me. I became a single mom at 19 and that was a challenge in itself.

I am sorry that one of your first relationships ended so badly. I am wiling to talk anytime you want, and perhaps you will find someone in a similar situation. Best wishes to you.