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I Love Being a Mom

I am a single mom of two beautiful children and I love them soo much.  I am still currently going through a divorce and find it stressful at times to hide my emotions.  I never wanted my children to be a product of divorce because I too am a child of divorce and know how stressful it can be.  I worry now that I am a single mom that I wont be able to give my children the life that they deserve or will I always be struggling to make ends meet.  I can see it starting to effect my 3 year old in how she acts and the things she says, all I want to do is make it better and take away all the bad, I feel as if I am the only one.

I love being a mom, everyday with them is a blessing and I am grateful for them everyday.  I take joy in seeing them experience things for the first time, and love the holidays with them, but one thing I have to admit I cant stand.. is sharing them.

bellamomma bellamomma 31-35, F 16 Responses Oct 16, 2008

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what! you have every right to talk to your son sweetie, he can't keep him from u, you have to fight that. I know it is hard but u have to keep your chin up and stay strong, all of us here support u...blessings to u love:)

I am a single mom. My son who is 14 went to live with his dad in June. He would not listen to me. He was with his dad for 3 years earlier. Hating it and the step mom.<br />
I miss him and the ex won't let me talk to him since he left. I get so depressed.

Thanks sweetie! I know what u mean, my step dad is awsome! He treats my girls like they were his own biological grandchildren.. It takes time for wounds to heal, right now they arn't "together" , he claims they never were, but thats not my issue, if the woman he ends up with is genuine with my girls and shows them love, respect and respect for me, then I will be happy to accept the relationship....time will tell:) Thanks for the comment sweetie!!!!!

Thanks love!!! I appreciate the hugs, boy I could use them now:) I know I can do it, I have to, they need me, I am their rock, there is no other option. There will be set backs and obstacles as is life, but we'll have alot of love and laughter to go along with those tears:) Love u sweetie, thanks again *muah*

It's not easy and we do the best we can with what we have. There are going to be lots of giggles and tears and maybe even a few all nighters with fevers and sniffles but you make the best of it and keep going for them. <br />
<br />
You can do it darlin', I believe in you!<br />
<br />
hugs<br />

Thankyou sweetie!! Alot has gone on since then, I tried again wioth their dad but he ended up leaving again, so we are now on the process of moving backin with my mom....he lost his job and is taking me back to court for a reduction in support, so we'll see how everything plays out. I just keep reminding myself that I have to beautiful little girls counting on me, that usually pulls me out of despair.... Thanks for ur comment, blessings to u!!!

Yes sweetie thats all we can do is live our lives with our babies the best and hope that one day we are blessed with a special someone that will love us and our babies:) Blessings sweetie!

Absolutly!! I agree, our babies are worththe struggle and sleepless nights that we have to go through in order to give them what they need, what they deserve...They will know how hard we worked and struggled and will see what their father's put in, words wont even have to be said, they will know by actions alone:) Blessings to you my sweet xoxoxox

I truly feel for you. As a single mum also, i too struggle desperately to keep above water with my finances. Suffering from depression prevents me from working so i'm stuck on social. I don't share my daughter with her farther cause he ran off when i told him about the pregnancy. I may have nothing and be emotionally and mentally challenged by my situation, but i still have my girl. She is worth going into poverty for.

Thankyou Lucifer, your very sweet despite the fiercness of your name:) I keep hopeing and praying that it will get better soon, I have to think positive so that my girls see a strong woman, a woman that is dtermined to give them the best life possible....You are right my ex should step up an be a man, but you can't make someone take resposibility, I try to get him to help more financially and I get If I had it I would give just really irritates me... Thankyou so much for your comment, it does help:)

I remember how it used to be when i was younger and my mother and dad were arguing about his demeanor when we were with him. It was tough most of my life, seeing my mother fight tooth and nail to make ends meet. it still is. She's tired most of the time now. But like I've said to her, you are doing a great thing and you are not a bad parent. Their father shouldn't have betrayed your trust, he should be a man and take care of his family; not act like a coward and bicker and argue with you about sharing the children. You are doing the right thing, and though it is hard, love them unconditionally and don't be afraid to break down and hug them tight when you need someone to hold on to to tell you it will be alright. Because it will. Maybe not today or weeks or even a few years from now. But it will get better. I hope this helps.

Yes, patience, will allow you to see and accept the glory that is headed your way. I know you have mush love to give, it would take a fool not to accept that and give in return.

Thankyou my sweet, you are so sweet and kind, and always speak truth..I do take the foundations my mother has laid and do my best to put them in place for my babies as well, but the worry never subsides. We do have a very loving home, and hope to find my other 1/2, one that will be able to handle all the love lol...Destiny is in the works and it's only the begining:)

Sweet Rose you and your girls are a blessing to one another. I true admiration for motherly love. I know that you are a good sweet woman, I can only imagine all the love that free flows in your home. Destiny has touched you, don't allow yourself to loose it's feel. You will find you other 1/2 and will live an eternal happy filled life.<br />
Coming from a one parent home, I also share your worry, yet we are proof that even 1 parent can mold the a foundations into their children's life

Thankyou so much, I will definately take you up on your offer:) Unfortuanatly my soon to be ex is already living with another woman claiming they are just friends being roomates and it's purely financial, which would be fine if it wee true, he's acted way to shady to think otherwise. So now this woman is around my kids every other weekend and I barely know her. He has also started to limit his ties to our babies, first he said he would watch them whenever I worked and then it became only on wednesdays so that he can have a social life and now when I ask him to watch them on wednesday so that I can work i get i dunno I have to see what my plans are....what!? these are your children dam it step up and be the father your supposed to be, either your in or your out there is no in between. i just don't get it I love them with a fire a passion so intense it kills me when they hurt and he can;t even muster up 1 extra day a week without complaints. Everyone says I should make him take them, that I am being o nice. Well here is what I say to that, I want my children to feel wanted and loved always and if the one person besides me isn't giving his all and going to put in that time, then I'm not going to make him or my children be in the prescence of each other unless it's wanted...they will know that feeling with me......he'll get his karma in the end:)

I too am a single mother, and worry all the time that the decisions I am making are going to affect my children's future, so I strive to make them all the best decisions. It is hard to share..I think that is the worst. I am dealing with my ex now being a newly wed, and the thought of having another woman try to be a part of my child's life, is unimaginable. The my children's father has never really been involved, ever, but now the new wife is trying to make him be involved and it is driving me insane..I will do anything to prevent my children from having to be exposed to someone they barely know as a father, and a woman who is a stranger. I hope you never have to go through this. I do hope that everything works out for you. I can also tell you that things get easier, but there is always going to be something that will come up, because you have ties forever because of the children. I will keep you in my prayers..and if you ever need to vent..I am here.