Single Mom

so basically I HAVE ALWAYS BEEN a single mom, my ex was never around, now he is only here for his "visits" if u can call them that, then I am on my own again, I prefer to be on my own cuz after he has been with the boys, I have to "retrain" them!!!! my boys have male role models all around them. personally, if my ex would just jump off the planet, I would be oh SO HAPPY!!!!
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3 Responses Jun 26, 2007

Riley's Dad was killed in Afganistan, have never had to deal with the "ex". I am fortunate to have many good strong male role models to help raise my son to be a good man.

try to find someone who deserve you.... - ^_^

Lol. I fell the same way. My ex is in prison, where he deserves to be. He has been since my daughter was born. he is getting out next year, I kind of been hoping that he would just fall off of the edge of the planet into a blackhole or something.