I'm Backed Into a Corner

but i never planned to.  I was 21, working for the NHS and had my little 50cc scooter for my independence.  I loved my boyfriend and i loved my job.  But not everyone agreed with me.  My boyfriend started behaving like a child who wasn't getting his way, his mum was horrible to me.  But worst of all was that i was being bullied at work by my supervisor and on two separate occassions she told me to consider aborsions, but she felt i wouldn't be fit to be a mother and work.  She was telling my dad that she was sacking me before i was told outside of office hours and only found out when he shouted at me in front of alot of customers at our family business.  I was made to feel so ashamed of being pregnant; and so the pre-natal depression began.  I left my boyfriend and was being threatned by his mother with violent intent.  I finally wrote a letter of complaint about my supervisor, but she found out about it and told my dad outside of office hours.  On that same day my dad threw me out of the house.

It's been almost three years now and my child will be 3 in july, but i'm still fighting depression.  And i am single by choice now.  My ex-boyfriend has wanted nothing to do with her, but his cannabis taking mother only started wanting something to do with her when she was 18 months old.  My family are friends with this woman and continue to tell me that she wants to see her and that i should get over the past and not be bitter and let her see her.  I stand by what i say that she'll never see her while she is taking cannabis and drinking.  She has even been arrested for assaulting a 15 child.  I just want to know that i can trust my family and know that they will respect  my choices as a grown woman and as a mother to my child.


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2 Responses Jan 10, 2009

Thankyou for your lovely comment, i just wish my family thought like you do.

Well done! I admire you for taking this stance!....Your child's<br />
future is no.1....Not your exxes mother!<br />
good luck, but you don't need it!!