I walk to work everyday because I can't afford a car. My job has me working different shifts, I get 40 hours a week but I really don't get to be with my youngest son, he spends more time with my parents than me. I just want to be able to buy groceries, pay my bills and be there for my children but I feel stuck and I'm looking for a way to improve my situation. I know there is a way I just haven't found it. First I need a better paying job with a fixed schedule. The town I live in is small and has nothing to offer. Has anyone been in a similar situation before and found a way out?
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I am a single mom and live with my parents. I am going to college to be a nurse and I hope that doing that will get the money I need to get a good balance between work and time with my son as well as being able to provide for us myself.

Education and luck dear. Sorry I can't offer more. Keep your eyes open for better opportunities.