I have a beautiful daughter who is 13months i live on my own i feel soo alone ever since her dad left me he abused me and then left 3 weeks before she was born he has Neva come to see her doesn't want anything to do with her when i was with him he used to call me names and stuff now i don't have the confidence to go out or do anything don't have any friends they stopped talking to me when i got with my ex don't go anywhere go to my mums and come home my daughter is my world don't get me wrong but i feel like why me all i want is to be happy but will i ever get that? Im not the same person who i use to be smiling telling jokes making people smile i don't even like to get dressed up anymore. Im trying to save money because i want to move to a better place for me and my daughters life but its hard i don't know what to do anymore. Any help ??
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I know this is difficult, but try to be grateful that he left BEFORE your daughter was born! It is truly better for both of you. Your daughter didn't see you getting hurt, didn't risk being hurt by him, and doesn't have to grow up in that environment. It is tough to power through, but totally worth it. Seven years ago, I was you. Now I have a beautiful, bouncy, smart little child to be the joy of my life.

Watch some inspirational messages by terri savelle on you tube. Pray and if you don't have a bible get one. Get plugged into a church and realize your life has purpose! You are a princess of the most high king! You are loved unconditionally and nothing is too hard for Him! It sounds like you are heading in the right direction. Now I think it's just time to put your goals and dreams on paper and hang them up so you can see them and then accomplish them! Together with God and your sweet baby! You can do it! We can do it. We can do all things through Christ (Yahshua) who strengthens us! Be encouraged! You are not alone. I'm a single mom too. I'm so sorry her father is not there for her at this time. Pray for him and know that and trust that God is working out all things good for those who love him and that he is also a father to the fatherless. You are not alone and you are loved! Be encouraged! And like I said watch those videos. They help.

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My son is also 13 months and im a single mom. His dad and i were married gor a short while until the yelling and name calling turned in to him holding me down and turned it to our son. He also cheated so if you wanna talk you can message me.