Looking For Single, Attractive, Handy-Man/ Mechanic. No Job, Lots Of Money And No Hopes of a Relationship Willing To Spend All Of His Time Fixing Things I Have Broken.

Leaky toilet
spraying water
furnace on the fritz again.
floorboard's loose
ceiling fan hanging
what's that noise? cannot be good.
mower broke
backup busted
weed-eater won't f-ing start.
got new spark plugs for the mower...
now the battery is dead.
vacuum clogged "what is IN there?"
dust and smell invade the air.
all unclogged and what the hell?
the vacuum belt broke, i'll be d@mned.
ants invading,
they're parading
along their trails throughout the house.
OH GOOD LORD! cat do your job and
catch that god-d@mned mouse!
trees to plant and
beds to mulch and
plants to move and
weeds to weed and
shrubbery to trim....
would be nice to have my chainsaw
but guess what? the chain has froze.
got the clippers, grip slips off.
that will leave a bruise.
makes me wish that i had time
to climb into the hammock,
underneath the shady tree and take a lenghthy snooze.
but first i'd have to buy a ladder and
take down the hornet's nest..........and.......
the wheelbarrow's down, with a flat tire.
shovel handle broke.
the rake has issues
kid is whining
about being bored.
what i wouldn't give at times to slap him on his gourd.
A.C.'s knocking
table's rocking- have to fix that thing one day.
walls need oiling
leaves are falling steadly into gutters.
son is bawling, washer's clanking
i go crawling
underneath the house again.
mud and spider's
mark my presence, hello darkness my old friend.
halfway in and my old flashlight flickers once and then
lol ;)
SweeetKiester SweeetKiester
41-45, F
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Haha. Become a MS.Fixit lady! I had to become one!

U could sell your poetry darl and make a d@mn fortune, to fix up what you describe as a home not a house,

Bored kids, what is with that?, I have four "bored" kids, aged 7-17, @ least the 12 yr old will mow the grass IF we can start the bloody mower. !!!!

lol... If only I knew the right people.... ;P
I don't know... somehow looking at dirt.... not boring... helping me.... automatic boredom... and don't even remind me of my mower... EVERY time.... i have to push it the length of my property from the shed to the car, so I can jump start it... and just PRAY.... it doesn't quit or run out of gas halfway thru..... lol.... It's So much fun... *grins*

U know what I love, when u have to hold the mower vertically because the grass is taller than the youngest kids and the lil buggers can hide in it to avoid any chores, lucky the dog gives em up every time.... @ least u knew where the spark plug was, I had to ask my dad the other day... :)

lol...well, if you're looking for the spark plug to jump it, you're in trouble... Batteries connected by jumper-cables is what you need... *grins*... and mine is a big riding mower... so anything that's hiding in the grass gets run over... pets, small children, medium sized deer, small cows.... lol.. they better RUN!! *laughing*

Hmmmmmm ideas, ideas, lol.... used to have a ride on, after wrecking the blades with some big mother rocks it spent more in the shop than in the paddock, ponies founded so that didn't work either, basically -GRASS SUX!.. Have moved to town now so older kids can walk everywhere, got less than an acre... the grass @ the back has a medium sized car hiding in it ! :)

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I know exactly what you are going through... I am in the same situation, hang in there.

Wow, sounds like you need to make friends with Mr fixit.

There are a couple women here where I live that I enjoy doing honey do's for. A old guy like me across the street had a hard time with his bicycle, I don't mind doing little repairs for others.

do you perhaps have Mr. Fixit's phone number...? lol ;P

Maybe you should just move.

lol... where's the fun in that?

Well ok, where do you live?

Pa.... 'Merica...

Is that Philly PA? That might be alittle too far for Mr. Fixit. I had good intensions.

well.... not exactly philly.... about 3 hours south.

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